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Nice Book! Love the illustrations! Where is the best price to purchase??
Karen, Wed May 04, 2016
This beautifully written story is far more than a tale about the Great Barrier Reef and environmental responsibility. It addresses some of the major complexities in life that all of us must come to face in this world and how our values and virtues can safely guide us through these turbulent seas of challenges and uncertainties. Harriet’s Home at Sea is an emotionally arresting, thoughtful, and memorable adventure that any person of any age can relate to and will admire.
Alexander Astroth, Tue Sep 30, 2014
This book is Fantastic. My son loved it this X-mas! A bit longer than the typical read, but that means more time together with my son so go figure. lol
Ashley, Thu Dec 27, 2012
Nice book. Where can I buy it??????
JKP, Tue Dec 06, 2011
Beautiful book. I purchased it off of Amazon because I had free shipping, but only after I came to this website and saw what the inside of the book looks like. I love the idea of the book and the refreshing use of colors. I've just finished reading this to my niece and she loves it! It is everything that I expected it to be, and MORE.
James K. , Tue Oct 04, 2011
It's a nice book, filled with great lessons for the youth. The story line is very original, and my kids and I were left guessing the whole time. Totally did not even see the oil spill coming, even though I knew the book was about an oil spill. great illustrations too!
Andy Warik, Fri Jun 10, 2011
I got this book from my Regional Library and was astounded. Bored to death from most books I read to my kids, I was so surprised at how exciting and DIFFERENT this book is. It is educational, of course, but I didn't even think of it that way until the last page. We were too engrossed with Harriet's struggles. I HIGHLY recommend this book to children, and their parents!
Debbie L., Sun May 22, 2011
James , Tue May 03, 2011
This book is unlike any environmental ethics book out there. Definitely not what I was expecting. The book takes a few twists and turns that kept me turning page after page. Super read, definitely recommended.
Stephen C., Mon Apr 25, 2011
Wow! I was really impressed by this great book!
Allison Mann, Sun Apr 24, 2011
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