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The book is not only a great display of artistic talent, but deep moral values. Harriet's Home at Sea teaches young readers important life lessons while immersing them in rich and vibrant drawings. This book revolutionizes environmental education!
K.W., Sun Apr 24, 2011
This is a nice book! Recommend to all young kids!
Lucy Gao, Sun Apr 24, 2011
Recommended for younger children to understand the effects of pollution in this day and age.
Yvonne, Sun Apr 24, 2011
Its the next Dr. Seuss generation, except with a more mature tone and better pictures. Its fun to read but also teaches something more.
A.M., Sun Apr 24, 2011
Its important to plant the seeds of environmental issues in young minds. This book shows both how beautiful the environment is as well as the horrible things being done to it. The characters are relatable, and the story moving. Recommended for everyone.
J.Z., Sat Apr 23, 2011
I love this picture book!
Mitsutoshi Shirasaki , Thu Apr 21, 2011
Great book! The exquisite illustrations and colorful vistas make this book a wonderful treat for kids.
Phil, Wed Apr 20, 2011
We want to be the first to tell you how much we love this colorful book and are deeply touched by Harriets affection for her family and nature alike. Captivating and fantastic illustrations. Congratulations!!
Ling & CN, Sun Mar 6, 2011
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